Pastor Dan Backens

Senior Pastor, New Life Church, VA Beach, VA

“Peacemakers: Crossing the Divide is a superbly written and excellently produced documentary. It gives a powerful message that deeply inspires its viewers that biblical reconciliation is possible.  Even between people who have centuries of distrust. Peacemakers show the unique power of the gospel. To transcend culture and ethnicity and bring people together. And through the hard work of pioneers that are committed to biblical unity.  Bob and Kathryn are not theorists about reconciliation but practitioners. They have lived lives of promoting peace. and have now produced a film that will inspire countless to do the same.”

Pastor Kevin Turpin

Associate Pastor, New Life Church, VA Beach, VA

“Peacemakers is more than a film about conflict between Jews and Palestinians. It is a story that profiles the power of Christ. To nullify generational, religious, and political ideologies of hatred and division. To create a pathway for hearts to be reconciled and restored. It is, indeed, a magnificent story of redemption. The film shows the extraordinary steps taken by individuals to experience reconciliation. Get ready for your own epiphany. Areas of your heart become open to reconciling with those who are different and you once opposed. The walls that divide are torn down through a full embrace of a small group of the Cross of Christ. Bob and Kathryn have chronicled well the hostility between Jews and Arabs. Therefore the unique ways that God transforms hearts. Hearts which leads to a willingness to “cross the divide”.

The Peace Makers

Meet the Arab and Jewish peacemakers–followers of Jesus whose faith has led them to love their neighbors

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Behind the Scenes

Few people realize the years it can take to produce a film like this—years spent in research

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Movie and Study Guide

A copy of Peacemakers: Crossing the Divide can be downloaded from this website.

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