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“I had the powerful impression of the importance of this project, the global and, indeed, historical significance of its message, and the beauty of the Lord, which I feel shines through the faces of these people whom you interviewed in Israel. It’s just breathtaking to see these people take up the cause of reconciliation in the most divided land in the world.”

Callen Clark, Oklahoma

“This film is enlightening and thought provoking. I have to ask myself, am I doing enough? Am I ‘being’ enough. Is the notion that I’m waiting on the Lord a statement of procrastination? Is there a ‘better’ place to do it? Am I in proper alignment? Where have I been all my life? What would Jesus have me to do…differently? As a minority in the USA, it’s easy to relate to and understand the struggle. As a believer, it touches the heart at an even deeper level.”

Vernell Windsor, Chesapeake, Virginia

“We are so thankful for the opportunity to see the beautiful Film Peacemakers – Crossing the Divide. It’s an excellent production. We saw it together with the brothers and we are all thankful for the beautiful pictures and the clear message. You have given us strong motivation to continue on the way of reconciliation.”

Friends at the Brotherhood of Jesus, Latrun, Israel

“WOW! Absolutely AMAZING – I was captivated from start to finish–the stories, the script, the
photography, the music………everything was brilliant!”

Linda Harding, Scotland

“It really touched my heart.  No pizzazz…just simple people living the life of Christ in a tough place. So illuminating and inspiring. Loved the music!!!!!

Ross Bagley, Norfolk, Virginia

“We are speechless at the beauty of the documentary. The music, the narrator’s voice, the stories…it’s all perfect. The message comes through crystal clear. It’s majestic.“

Kathy and Milt Roberson, Oakdale, Maryland

“What a powerful film!  I pray the Lord uses this film to draw many to him and bring peace to Israel and peace between the Arabs and Jews!” 

Mary Homesly, Denver, Colorado

“What an amazing piece of skill, professionalism, and enlightening work!”

Subodh John, India

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