Etti Shoshani – Messianic Jewish Believer

“This project is important because it opens a window into the complexity of the lives of Jews and Palestinians in our region…it explains where hope can be found and where impossible relationships from a human point of view are made possible in Christ and in Him alone.”

Born in Israel into a traditional Jewish family, Etti came to hear about her Messiah, Yeshua, when she was a young woman traveling around Europe in the late 1970s. Looking for answers to some of life’s most challenging questions, she discovered the transforming power of faith in Jesus after returning to Israel. Like many other Jewish believers, she experienced rejection by all of her Jewish family and friends, but she found a spiritual home in the small, close-knit community of believers in the land. Etti has a deep passion for “truth” and has taught it for many years to many other believers in the land. She knows that Yeshua is the only answer to the complex situations in the Holy Land.