“When I was approached to be in this movie, I didn’t know what to expect. I have seen many initiatives throughout the years of people trying to reflect a picture of real life in Israel and Palestine and the Arab-Jewish relationship. Not all succeeded in their endeavors. But when Kathryn explained why they are asking me to share, I was very touched. She had actually remembered a part of my life story that I had shared awhile back, and by that showed me how much they choose to care about my people in a very real way.”

Rajaa’ grew up in the town of Shefar’am in the north of Israel. Since she was a child, she has worked with her parents in their ministry to bring Jewish and Arab followers of Jesus together. Rajaa’ and her husband, Alon, along with her family, serve through King’s Kids Israel, a ministry for Jewish and Arab children, youth and families. King’s Kids meet regularly for times of worship, teaching, fun and outreaches. Through their local and international outreach events, they like to show the world that, although they come from two enemy nations, they have discovered the secret of unity in Jesus.